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  1. Valerie and John Severn says:

    Bradley – we saw you at the market a few weeks ago when we were visiting Boston, and were absolutely amazed at your talent! Congratulations and please keep on with your wonderful music and continue to give pleasure to those who are lucky enough to see you perform, as we were. We’ll follow your future development with much interest.
    from Valerie and John Severn, Perth Western Australia

  2. We saw you in Boston near Faneuil Hall a few weeks ago – you are one super-talented musician – keep at it!

  3. Shruti Kumar says:


    We heard you play the piano at the Jasmine Lounge at the Fairmont, Bermuda. We were completely awestruck at such beautiful music! It was a great pleasure to hear your music. Hope to hear you again some day. Congratulations and keep it up!
    From – Anoop and Shruti, Chicago

  4. Doris & Joe Devoti says:

    What a joy & pleasure to have met you at The Fairmont South Hampton just the other day. I can’t tell you how much joy & pleasure you brought to both of us as we watched & listen to you play in the Jasmine Lounge. ( We missed you when you weren’t there} May God’s Blessings be with you always, may you have continued success. I just loved the “”Hat”” too!
    P.s, I will be ordering your C.D’s too!

  5. MARK BROWN says:

    My eleven year old daughter and I wandered into the rotunda at Fanueil Hall yesterday when what to our wondering ears should appear but a real life boy genius! I have never seen such powerful, amazing natural talent that close up. It was almost scary…in a good way, like seeing a wild animal! Can’t wait to see what amazing things happens next so we can say we saw him way back when!

  6. Sue Fredrickson says:

    My family and I were absolutely amazed by your performance in Boston this weekend. I enjoyed your choices of music and your talent. Perhaps we can set something up at Floating Hospital or Magical Moon. I am telling everyone about you! YOU ARE SPECIAL!

  7. Lai says:

    I heard you play this weekend you are so good

  8. Shea says:

    You’re so good!

  9. Vince says:

    We had the pleasant opportunity to see and hear you play this past Friday and Saturday while visiting Boston from Philly. You certainly have talent and we wish you the best.
    Vince and Lee

  10. Michael E says:

    Bradley ,

    I love the CD , the music sounds great. The selection of songs flow very nicely ! Good Job.


  11. dups says:

    Saw you today in Boston and was truly amazed. You have incredible talent, and must work so hard every day. I hope you know your hard work is appreciated, and you are an inspiration. Never stop doing what you love!!

  12. G-Money says:

    Saw your performance at Quincy Market. You are amazing! Keep up the good work.

    -Your biggest New York fan

  13. Faye Ashby says:

    So glad we saw you at Fanueil Hall! Wow! What a performance, I could have watched for hours!

    God blessed you with great talent, and personality too!

  14. MEA says:

    Bradley, Continued Success With Your Music Career…!!!! Enjoy Your Summer Performing At Faneuil Hall…!!!! Great Quote.,,”Remember Your Friends On The Way Up The Ladder..,Because They Will Be The Same Ones You Meet On The Way Down”…!!!! That Quote Keeps Me Grounded…!!!! Best Wishes…!!!!

  15. Denise Labarrere says:

    I was lucky enough to be visiting Boston and saw you perform this past weekend at Fanueil Hall. You are amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed your music; it was the highlight of my trip. I am telling everyone back home in New Orleans about you, and I wish you much continued success in the future. I look forward to seeing you perform again! You are a very special young man!

  16. Dave Richards says:

    Young man, you are a genuine phenomenon! I was the person who first greeted your family when you arrived at the 1794 Meetinghouse in New Salem on Sunday. I’ve known the gifted young pianist Miro Sprague, literally since he was a baby — and one of my housemates operates a used piano sales and delivery business in a nearby town. You seem to me to be (in Tibetan Buddhist terms) a “tulku” — or a returning incarnation — of a truly legendary pianist like Art Tatum or Bill Evans. Indeed, I would strongly encourage you to pick up the CD reissues of the Bill Evans Trio albums, particularly those from the late 1950s and early 1960s. I’d especially recommend to you Bill’s evocative recording of “Haunted Heart”, on his “Explorations” album. At your age, the “romantic” aspect of your playing has yet to develop — but when it does, you are destined to become a world class artist, easily in the same league as Bill Evans and Steven Schoenberg. Hang in there…keep your wits about you…and enjoy this “magic carpet” ride!

  17. Susan and son, Ethan (age 7) says:

    Hey Bradley!

    We saw you play in Fanuil Hall in June. My son, Ethan was very inspired by your playing. He has been working hard at the piano and loves to watch your Youtube videos! (You happened to give his sister and her friend a lollipop which made everyone smile!) We loved the Les Mis performance btw! Best of luck to you–we hope to watch you rise to the top.”)

    Susan and Ethan (age 7)

  18. Nanci G. says:

    My daughter and I came to Boston for the weekend and had the pleasure of hearing you perform at Faneuil. You are amazing! I hope you are able to continue and will be “found” and become the next worldwide STAR!!
    Toronto, Canada

  19. Riley lynn says:

    I saw you in Boston with my friends on her birthday and we got a picture with you, with our crazy hats on. Just wanted to say you were amazing and I hope I’ll see you around Boston again! Thanks for the lollipops😂

  20. Wow Bradley can’t believe that you play music in public . Keep up the good work ☺

  21. Please contact me about doing a gig for me called the St. Patrick’s Cure for Cancer concert which I produce on March 12, 2016. (5th annual!!)

  22. Jenna A says:

    Hi i saw you in Boston! yestorday playing christmas songs and you were super good!! i wish I could have heard more but my parents had to go. I really enjoyed listening to you play the piano. Keep it up and your gonna go far.

  23. Ronald says:

    We saw you at fanual hall in boston we would love to hear you again in fanual hall can you tell me and my wife when you are going tp play we will be there friday keep on rocking

  24. Peggy says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing you in Boston last week. Your stunning performance brought tears to my eyes. You truly were the highlight
    of my weekend at Faneuil Hall! To be able to bring so much joy to
    others with your musical talent is such a blessing! I wish you all the best in the years to come!

  25. Karla says:

    WOW! Bradley, you are just absolutely a star and a piano/vocal prodigy! I and students/friends from Auburn High School National Honor Society watched you play your magic today Faneuil Hall in Boston for a field trip. We were amazed and you were definitely one of the highlights from our trip! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  26. Noelle Reda says:

    Hi Bradley!
    Today I saw you perform and you were so good. I play clarinet and you are awesome at the saxophone. I saw on your instagram page that you have a big,beautiful,fluffy cat. so do I. I am also the same age as you. love ya!

  27. Eddy Zawacki says:

    I enjoyed an hour of pure entertainment today at Gloucester’s Element Care’s seniors day room today, and was amazed by the pure talent this young man exudes. A crackerjack on the ivory, and wonderful with his saxophone. If you’ve never seen him, make it a point to see him at Faneuil Hall in Boston on a Sunday. He’s a superb showman at thirteen years. Good luck Bradley, your going to leave your mark on music’s history.

  28. Tanya Munson says:

    You are the best performer that we have ever had. You mesmerized our clients with you moves and voice. Your politeness was greatly appreciated. I cant wait for you to come back in November. We have lots of videos and pictures and will share with you. Our clients couldn’t stop talking about you. You make them think of their grandchildren which is a happy place for them. We had people stay at the site that never stay more than an hour. You are going places and when you do don’t forget us little people. Thanks again Bradley you ROCK

  29. Sharon Graikowski says:

    And 2015 my daughter were on our annual mommy/daughter trip; that year, we chose Boston and we were fortunate enough to see you perform! You are truly incredible, and I stood there in total amazement with tears in my eyes.
    I live in The Villages, Florida, and there is a beautiful performing arts theater there. I would encourage you to contact them, or contact me, and see what we could do to have you come perform for us.
    You are blessed with a very, very special talent, and I hope you continue to bring smiles, laughter, amazement, and tears to the people who watch you.

  30. Howie Stein says:

    Do you play in the Worcester area. I would be interested in your talent for a promotion at my retail flooring store in August?

  31. Heather Willard says:

    We saw you on a recent trip to Boston and could not believe our ears! Really? Holy cow, what a talent! I can’t wait to listen to your original music. Keep up the hard work…….you are sure to be a success. Looking forward to see what you will do in the future!

  32. Yichen Lyu says:

    Hi Bradley! I’m a Chinese victor and happened to see your performance at Quincy Market. I was amazed when I saw the performer was just a kid – and your voice is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have the highest talent in music than any other people I’ve seen. Please keep up the good work, and I hope to see your greater achievements in the future!!!

  33. DAC says:

    Wonderful show yesterday, Saturday July 30! your music and great personality will talks you far!! keep on being the cool kid you are!

  34. Sophia Cole says:

    I love you sooo much. I’ve watched most of ur videos already and their great. Ur like my inspiration. Im 16 and wish i had talent. Never stop singing or acting or playing ur music. EVER!u make me so happy and i love ur sweet personality.I love you. Be your best you. (Something tht me and my sisters say) lol

  35. Martha Crannell says:

    We saw you perform with Billy Joel at Fenway last night. Phenomenal! Keep up the good work, Bradley!

  36. PAAP says:

    Great talent! Let’s hope that if you marry in the future, you don’t have to add yet another name to your signature, too!

  37. Mark Roland says:

    HI Bradley, I too am an avid Billy Joel fan, most of my family think I am a bit nuts as I try and see him a few times a year at many different venues. I am lucky I live just an hour north of NYC so I travel to see him at MSG a few times a year. Your performance with Billy Joel was amazing. I saw it on you tube and actually enjoy watching it and some of your other You Tube Video. I have seen it a few times and even though it does not change I think you were fabulous up there. You have the gift, that gift the Billy Joel has and I think that some day you will be as fabulous as he is today. I am sure that someday I will see you on Broadway or even in MSG playing to a sold out show, although by then I will be as old as Billy is now. I do not get to Boston often, but if I am ever there I will come and watch you play. Until then I wanted to say that you are a very talented young man with a bright future ahead of you. I am not sure if you need any sponsors at this time in your career. I am not a big CEO or anyone like that, but I own my own business that is reasonably successful and I would be honored to be able to provide some type of sponsorship. I wish you all the best and maybe I will have the honor of watching you perform in MSG with Billy Joel, I will be there in December. If you have not seen him play at MSG, you should as it is an ultimate experience.I wish you well, and I know you will continue to entertain and bring a smile to everyone that is lucky enough to hear you perform. That you tube video will be one of my favorites for a long time.

  38. Robin Andrea Cherry says:

    Dear Bradley:
    Yesterday,October 29,2016..I had the honor of hearing and seeing you at Fanueil Hall.It was a day trip from NH.along with my Dad and 2 sister’s.We,(3 women in our 50’s)our Dad is 84 years old.It has been many years since we have made this trip,especially with each other and Dad.
    You are an amazing young man.Your talent,is beyond your years.We enjoyed you tremendously,you are an inspiration for all ages.
    I am sure your parents and all others in your life are quite proud.May you continue for follow your dreams,shine where ever the road may lead you.I am not sure if you travel to NH.we would love to see you at any event in the area.We are near the Seacoast…there are many venues…you could sell them out…University of New Hampshire,Portsmouth area..Lakes,Mountains,and Oceans…We look forward to seeing you was not long enough..Bless you

  39. Mark says:

    Hey Bradley – I’ve seen you several times at Faneuil Hall (with my Boxer dog who loves your music).and I always stop to listen and watch you perform. You are an amazing young talented musician and you really know how to work a crowd. I can’t wait to see you graduate from Berklee (I’m sure you will have no problem getting accepted) and then see where you are in ten years – and I’ll be able to say I saw you perform at Faneuil Hall in your youn teen years. Please keep perfecting your craft and performing. You are such a natural – and I’m sure you will go far.

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